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 The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan

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The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan Empty
PostSubject: The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan   The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 2:57 pm

The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan

Imaam abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al-Aajurree (360AH) ]

“…...It befits him to employ taqwa of Allaah secretly and openly, by exercising caution (wara`) with regards to the sources of his food, drink, dress and earnings.
He is perceptive about his time and the corruptions of its people, that he may beware of them regarding his religion.
He concentrates on his own situation, having the aspiration to reform whatever is corrupt in his affairs, guarding his tongue and choosing his words.
If he speaks, he speaks with knowledge when he sees speech to be correct.
If he remains silent, he remains silent with knowledge when he sees silence to be correct.
He rarely delves into that which does not concern him.
He fears from his tongue things more severe than he fears from his enemy.
He imprisons his tongue the way he imprisons his enemy, so that he may be safe from its evil and bad consequences…
He is accomodating in countenance, pure in speech.
He does not allow himself to be praised for qualities he has, how then for qualities he does not have?
He is wary of his self, that it should overcome him for what he desires, of the things that will anger his Master.
He does not backbite anyone.
He does not look down upon anyone.
He does not abuse anyone.
He is not happy at the afflictions of others.
He neither transgresses upon anyone, nor envies him.

…He has made the Qur`aan, Sunnah and Fiqh his guide to every good and beautiful quality, guarding all his limbs from what has been forbidden.

If he walks, he walks with knowledge.

If he sits, he sits with knowledge.

He strives hard so that people may be safe from his tongue and hand. He does not behave ignorantly: if someone behaves ignorantly towards him, he is forbearing.

He does not oppress: if he is oppressed, he forgives.

He does not transgress: if he is transgressed upon, he has patience.

He restrains his fury to please his Lord and enrage his enemy.

He is humble in himself: when the truth is presented to him, he accepts it, whether from one younger or older.

He seeks status from Allaah, not from the creatures.

He despises arrogance, fearing for his self from it…

If the people wear fine luxury, he wears of the halaal that which conceals his private parts.

If his circumstances eases, he eases.

If they tighten, he tightens.

He is content with little, so it suffices him…

He follows the obligations of the Qur`aan and the Sunnah:

he eats food with knowledge,

he drinks with knowledge,

he dresses with knowledge,

he sleeps with knowledge,

he has union with his wife with knowledge,

he accompanies his brothers with knowledge,

visiting them with knowledge,

seeking permission to enter upon them with knowledge,

and greeting them with knowledge;

he treats his neighbor with knowledge.

He imposes strictly upon himself the honouring of his parents…

He prays for their longevity and is thankful for them in old age….

He maintains family relations and despises breaking them.

If someone breaks off relations with him, he does not break off relations with them.

If someone disobeys Allaah regarding him, he obeys Allaah regarding him.

He accompanies the believers with knowledge, and sits with them with knowledge.

He benefits those who accompany him, being an excellent companion for those whom he sits with.

If he teaches another, he is gentle with him.

He is not harsh with the one who makes a mistake and does not embarrass him.

He is gentle in all his matters, extremely patient in teaching goodness.

The learner finds comfort in him,

and the one sitting with him is joyous at his company.

Sitting with him brings goodness.

He educates his companions with the etiquettes of the Qur`aan and the Sunnah.

If he is afflicted with a difficulty, the Qur`aan and the Sunnah are two educators for him.

He grieves with knowledge.

He cries with knowledge.

He is patient with knowledge.

He purifies himself with knowledge.

He prays with knowledge.

He gives zakaat with knowledge.

He gives charity with knowledge.

He fasts with knowledge.

He performs Pilgrimage with knowledge.

He wages war with knowledge.

He earns with knowledge and spends with knowledge.

He eases in matters with knowledge and tightens in them with knowledge.

The Qur`aan and the Sunnah have taught him his manners.

He looks through the pages of the Qur`aan in order to teach himself manners and is not pleased for himself to fulfill with ignorance the obligations imposed by Allaah.

He has made knowledge and understanding his guide to every goodness…

When he studies the Qur`aan his aspiration is NOT:

when will I complete the surah?

His aspiration is:

when will I be enriched by Allaah, so that I am in no need of other than Him?

When will I be of the pious?

When will I be of those who excel?

When will I be of those who have total trust?

When will I be of those who humble themselves?

When will I be of the patient ones?

When will I be of the truthful ones?

When will I be of the fearful ones?

When will I be of the hopeful ones?

When will I have non-attachment to the world?

When will I have yearning for the Hereafter?

When will I repent from sins?

When will I recognise the widespread favours?

When will I be grateful for them?

When will I understand from Allaah His address?

When will I understand what I recite?

When will I overcome my self regarding its base desires?

When will I strive in Allaah with a true jihaad?

When will I guard my tongue?

When will I lower my gaze?

When will I guard my chastity?

When will I be ashamed before Allaah with true shame?

When will I be preoccupied with my faults?

When will I reform the corruptions in my life?

When will I call myself to account?

When will I take provision for the day of my Ressurection?

When will I be pleased with Allaah?

When will I have trust in Allaah?

When will I be admonished by the warnings of the Qur`aan?

When will I be preoccupied with His rememberance away from rememberance of other than Him?

When will I love what He loves?

When will I hate what He hates?

When will I purify my deeds for Him?

When will I reduce my vain hopes?

When will I prepare myself for the day of my death, when my remaining term shall have vanished?

When will I build the life of my grave?

When will I reflect upon the Standing and its severity?

When will I reflect upon my solitude with my Lord?

When will I reflect upon the Return?

When will I beware that which my Lord has warned me of?

…He, the Mighty and Majestic said, ‘O you who have believed! Fear Allaah and let each soul see what it has sent forth for tomorrow; and fear Allaah: truly, Allaah is aware of what you do.’ [59:18]“

[The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan

Imaam abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al-Aajurree (360AH) ]

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The Character of the Bearers and People of the Qur`aan
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