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  Sins we take lightly

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 Sins we take lightly Empty
PostSubject: Sins we take lightly    Sins we take lightly EmptySun Dec 26, 2010 2:07 pm

As Salamu Alaikum

Sins we take lightly

One of the best books in my library (besides the Glorious Qur’an, Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim and Tafsir ibn Kathir) is Explanation of Important Lessons (for Every Muslim) by the late Shaikh Bin Baz (Rahimuallah)

I wish to share the following from this book which relate to the more prevalent sins that many of us take lightly.

1. To deem lawful that which Allah has forbidden, or to deem forbidden that which Allah has made permissible.

2. To believe that the stars and planets have some kind of effect on the lives of people.

3. To believe in evil omens-because you hear or see something, for example, to believe that evil will befall you because of it-this is a form of Shirk.

4.To keep company with hypocrites or wicked people, seeking closeness to them or finding comfort in their company.

5. To come to the Masjid after having eaten onion or garlic or anything else that has a foul odour.

6.Without having just cause for a woman to refuse her husband’s desire to have sexual relations.

7. A woman seeking divorce from her husband without a legislated reason.

8.To have intercourse with one’s wife during her menses.

9.To have anal sex.

10. To be alone with a strange man, (one who is not a Mahram for you). This practice has become prevalent nowadays, especially in families that keep female servants.

11. For a woman to shake hand with a strange man (who is not her Mahram) -Also another common practice.

12. A woman wearing perfume when she leaves her house.

13.A woman travelling without a Mahram.

14. We feel it is okay when one of our relatives fornicates.

15.When one is selling a product, to hide its defects.

16. To give or take bribe.

17. To wrongfully usurp land.

18. To give to some of one’s children more than the others.

19. To seek a loan without intending to pay it back.

20. To give false testimony

21.To listen to musical instruments.

22.For men to wear gold regardless of how they wear it.

23.To spread false rumours, intending to create dissension between people.

24.To deal badly with your neighbour

25.Tocurse a believer and to curse someone who doesn’t deserve to be cursed.

26.To wail loudly when mourning.

27.Haughtiness, pride, vanity or self-conceit are the qualities that are most disliked by Allah.

Click here to read the complete Lesson.
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Sins we take lightly
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