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 GRATITUDE : lec notes

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GRATITUDE : lec notes Empty
PostSubject: GRATITUDE : lec notes   GRATITUDE : lec notes EmptySun Oct 04, 2009 10:21 pm

assalamu alaikum WRWB sisters

i attended a beautiful lec today on Gratitude to Allah (SWT)
these are the lec notes..hope you find it useful to get closer to Our RABB..
May Allah make us among the grateful...ameen


>> thank Allah for giving you one more Ramadan..for making Ramadan only for a month and not the whole year…for helping us to fast..for Laylath-ul-Qadr………

>> by fasting you are being grateful to Allah

>> In Arabic Shukr means rise

The scholars say that Shukr means to try your best ,to do much worship and keeping away from the prohibitions of Allah.

>> what is the real Gratitude???

When you know that every blessing is from Allah…this is the real Gratitude

>> opp. Of Shukr .Shukr X kufran an-ni’ma

>>Imam Maqdisi died while praising Allah…and when the people were burying him , a cloud came on top of his grave and gave shade..SubhanAllah

>> Shaakir – Grateful

Shakkar – full of Gratitude

>> now let us try to be a Grateful slave of Allah……

-i- Revive your heart

Because the place of Gratitude is the heart.

But if you have diseases in your heart…….then you be thankful ???

Eg:- hasad,manna, pride etc

So how to revive our hearts????

-i- Knowledge abt Allah’s Names and Attributes.

This knowledge will purify your heart so that Allah’s blessings can be filled in the heart.Allah will make you know the diseases in your heart .

There was an illiterate man who used to visit he is illeterate so he cannot read the Quran he used to ask people in the masjid to recite it for him and he would day he was listening to a man reciting the Quran on his request,and the man read an ayat which had sajdah tilaawah .they both prostrated .the man who read the Quran rose from his sujud…but the other man had died…SubhanAllah

Everytime you gaion knowledge,practise it,this is one way of being thankful to Allah for the knowledge.

-ii- tawassul

Beg Allah to open for you the gates to knowledge……

>> take means for increasing Faith

The more the faith.,the more grateful you are to Allah.

Surah ghafir >>ayat 57,58 and 61.

We understand from the endings of these ayat that:

When you increase in knowledge ,you increase in faith ,then you increase in thankfullness.

>> how to increase in faith

--do good deeds

--watch your heart and take care of your time.every hour your faith is either increasing or decreasing.

--strong hope with Allah

--Tawhid..if the TaWHID is less then the more you think bad abt Allah and people

>> try to make your worship continuously ( prophet (SAW) ‘s hadith)

-iii-Make isti’aanah .

-iv-be sensitive towards discovering the blessings

>>another way of being Grateful to Allah is by praying Salat-Duha

.Prophet (saw) said that there are 360 joints in a way to be thankful for these is to offer the Duha prayer.

-v- relate blessings to Allah.

For eg:- don’t say that its because of my good memory I got full marks in the exam etc…

-vi- beware of accompanying the ungrateful.
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GRATITUDE : lec notes
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