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 Qunoot Al-Witr

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PostSubject: Qunoot Al-Witr   Qunoot Al-Witr EmptyWed Sep 16, 2009 7:12 am

As Salamu Alaikum

Qunoot Al-Witr

*Al-Witr: Supplication made before or after bowing in the witr prayer


اللّهُـمَّ اهْـدِنـي فـيمَنْ هَـدَيْـت، وَعـافِنـي فـيمَنْ عافَـيْت، وَتَوَلَّـني فـيمَنْ تَوَلَّـيْت ، وَبارِكْ لـي فـيما أَعْطَـيْت، وَقِـني شَرَّ ما قَضَـيْت، فَإِنَّـكَ تَقْـضي وَلا يُقْـضى عَلَـيْك ، إِنَّـهُ لا يَـذِلُّ مَنْ والَـيْت، [ وَلا يَعِـزُّ مَن عـادَيْت ]، تَبـارَكْـتَ رَبَّـنا وَتَعـالَـيْت.

Allahummah-dinee feeman hadayt, waAAafinee feeman AAafayt, watawallanee feeman tawallayt, wabarik lee feema aAAtayt, waqinee sharra ma qadayt, fa-innaka taqdee wala yuqda AAalayk, innahu la yathillu man walayt, [wala yaAAizzu man AAadayt], tabarakta rabbana wataAAalayt.

‘O Allah, guide me along with those whom You have guided, pardon me along with those whom You have pardoned, be an ally to me along with those whom You are an ally to and bless for me that which You have bestowed. Protect me from the evil You have decreed for verily You decree and none can decree over You.For surety, he whom you show allegiance to is never abased and he whom You take as an enemy is never honoured and mighty. O our Lord, Blessed and Exalted are You.’

Evil you have decreed: Allah does not create pure evil which does not have any good or contain any benefit, wisdom or mercy at all, nor does He punish anyone without having commited a sin. Something can be good in terms of its creation when viewed in a particular perspective and at the same time be evil when viewed in another way.Allah created the devil and by him, He tests His servants, so there are those who hate the devil, fight him and his way and they stand at enmity towards him and his followers and there are others who are at allegiance with the devil and follow his steps. So evil exists in His creatures by His will and wisdom, not in His actions or act of creating.


اللّهُـمَّ إِنِّـي أَعـوذُ بِرِضـاكَ مِنْ سَخَطِـك، وَبِمُعـافاتِـكَ مِنْ عُقوبَـتِك، وَأَعـوذُ بِكَ مِنْـك، لا أُحْصـي ثَنـاءً عَلَـيْك، أَنْـتَ كَمـا أَثْنَـيْتَ عَلـى نَفْسـِك.

Allahumma innee aAAoothu biridaka min sakhatik, wabimuAAafatika min AAuqoobatik, wa-aAAoothu bika mink, la ohsee thana-an AAalayk, anta kama athnayta AAala nafsik.

‘O Allah, I take refuge within Your pleasure from Your displeasure and within Your pardon from Your punishment, and I take refuge in You from You. I cannot enumerate Your praise. You are as You have praised Yourself.’


اللّهُـمَّ إِيّـاكَ نعْـبُدْ، وَلَـكَ نُصَلّـي وَنَسْـجُد، وَإِلَـيْكَ نَسْـعى وَنَحْـفِد، نَـرْجو رَحْمَـتَك، وَنَخْشـى عَـذابَك، إِنَّ عَـذابَكَ بالكـافرين ملْحَـق. اللّهُـمَّ إِنّا نَسْتَعـينُكَ وَنَسْتَـغْفِرُك، وَنُثْـنـي عَلَـيْك الخَـيْرَ، وَلا نَكْـفُرُك، وَنُـؤْمِنُ بِك، وَنَخْـضَعُ لَكَ وَنَخْـلَعُ مَنْ يَكْـفرُك.

Allahumma iyyaka naAAbud, walaka nusallee wanasjud, wa-ilayka nasAAa wanahfid, narjoo rahmatak, wanakhsha AAathabak, inna AAathabaka bilkafireena mulhaq. Allahumma inna nastaAAeenuk, wanastaghfiruk, wanuthnee AAalaykal- khayr, wala nakfuruk, wanu/minu bik, wanakhdaAAu lak wanakhlaAAu man yakfuruk.

‘O Allah, it is You we worship, and unto You we pray and prostrate, and towards You we hasten and You we serve. We hope for Your mercy and fear Your punishment, verily Your punishment will fall upon the disbelievers.O Allah, we seek Your aid and ask Your pardon, we praise You with all good and do not disbelieve in You.We believe in You and submit unto You, and we disown and reject those who disbelieve in You.

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Qunoot Al-Witr
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