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 Silent Moments

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PostSubject: Silent Moments   Silent Moments EmptySat Sep 05, 2009 3:55 pm

Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim
The book 'Lahzat Akinah' or Silent Moments deals with the science of death, which is the research work of brother Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim, a renowned and a pious scholar of the Qur'an and the Sunnah as will as Arabic language. He has studied a number of books on zuhd (modesty, living a simple life) and soft advices written by As-Salaf As-Salih and collected important statements of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) A'immah and religious scholars of the Ummah. About death and after death, there is a sound creed in Islam and it has been mentioned and discussed many times in the Qur'an and the Sunnah

I got this book this past month from a friend. SubhanAllah I started it today and could not put it down. I URGE you all to get this. I am not joking please get this book.

It talks about death and how so many of us try to avoid it, even in conversation 'oh do not mention death' 'it depressed me'. This is talk only of the non believers the people who do not fear Allah.

It speaks about how we should PREPARE for death and prepare our family for death, this is our duty. People get caught up in the dunya and material things and then when they die do you think your things will save you? What about your family? Spend your time worshiping Allah. Do your prayers, dress how you should and act how you should. We will all die and being nice dues not cut it.

This should scare us all. We should fear Allah and listen to what he has commanded us. No one is promised tomorrow so why put it off? What if you die tonight, you could. Its true.
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Silent Moments
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