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 Chapter 3 - Mawlas

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Chapter 3 - Mawlas Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 3 - Mawlas   Chapter 3 - Mawlas EmptyTue Jul 18, 2023 5:33 pm

39. Can a Mawla say, "I am from so-and-so"?

Hadith 74

'Abdu'r-Rahman ibn Habib said, "'Abdullah ibn 'Umar radiyallahu anhu  asked me, 'Which clan are you from?'

I replied, 'From Taym of Tamim.' He asked, 'One of themselves or one of their mawlas?' 'One of their mawlas,' I replied.

He said radiyallahu anhu , 'So why did you not say, 'One of their mawlas'?"


40. The Mawla of a people is one of them

Hadith 75

Rifa'a ibn Rafi' reported that the Prophet,  Sallalahu aleihi wa , said to 'Umar, radiyallahu anhu

"Gather your people [the Muhajirun] for me."

He did so. When they reached the door of the Prophet, Sallalahu aleihi wa  'Umar  radiyallahu anhu came to him and said, "I have gathered my people for you."
The Ansar heard that and said, "Revelation has been revealed about Quraysh." People came to see and hear what would be said to them [the Muhajirun]. The Prophet,  Sallalahu aleihi wa  came out and stood in the midst of them.

He  Sallalahu aleihi wa said, "Are there those among you who are not of you?"

They replied, "Yes, there are those among us with whom we have made treaties as well as our nephews and our mawlas."

The Prophet Sallalahu aleihi wa  said, "Our ally is one of us. Our nephew is one of us. Our mawla is one of us." You who are listening: our friends among you are those who have taqwa of Allah. If you are one of them, then that is good. If that is not the case, then look out. People will bring their actions on the Day of Rising and you will come with burdens and you will be shunned."

Then he Sallalahu aleihi wa  called out, "O people!" He raised his hands and put them on the heads of Quraysh. "O people! Quraysh are the people of trustworthiness. If anyone who oppresses them (and one of the transmitters thought that he said, 'faults them'), Allah will overturn him." He repeated that three times.

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Chapter 3 - Mawlas
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