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 Theme of Juz Two – The Laws of Islam

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Theme of Juz Two – The Laws of Islam Empty
PostSubject: Theme of Juz Two – The Laws of Islam   Theme of Juz Two – The Laws of Islam EmptyWed Mar 27, 2019 2:09 pm

Theme of Juz Two – The Laws of Islam

The second Juz of the Qur’an continues with Surah Al-Baqarah and as a result, the theme is closely linked to the theme of the first Juz. While the first Juz focused primarily on stories reminding us about the importance of obeying the laws of Allah, the second Juz details the laws of Islam.

This is perhaps the most Fiqh-laden Juz in the entire Qur’an and in it are verses related to all the key topics of Islamic Law starting with the importance of Salah and Patience (2:153) and includes discussion on:

1. Instruction to eat only that which is Halal (2:168)
2. Discussions surrounding the Qibla for Salah (2:142-145)
3. Islamic Criminal Law and its importance (2:178-179)
4. Laws related to fasting and the month of Ramadan (2:183-186)
5. Laws of Jihad and warfare (2:190-195, 216-218)
6. Laws related to Hajj and Umrah (2:196-200)
7. People who we should spend charity on (2:215)
8. Laws related to marriage, intimacy, breastfeeding, divorce and widowhood (2:221-242)

Each of these passages are worth of a detailed study. The section on patience is a very powerful one. Allah reminds us that He will definitely test us in this world with every possible type of test including fear, hunger and loss of life and wealth. We need to be ready to face such tests, as they shape us into better people and force us to grow.

Allah reminds us as well that He is with those who are patient through these trials and such people will have a great reward in the Afterlife.This is the reward for patience (Sabr) which in Islam is not a passive quality. Sabr does not mean we sit back and absorb abuse. It means we patiently and constantly work towards solutions and higher goals, in spite on any setbacks and problems that come our way. This is how we obey the laws of Allah, with patience and consistency.

After listing all of the above laws which include all five pillars of Islam as well as most major areas of Fiqh*, the Juz ends with yet another reminder of the importance of obeying the law.

When King Taloot (Saul) was appointed over Bani Israel, he faced a lot of rebelliousness from them and was left with a small group to fight the army of Goliath, but this army included Prophet David (peace be upon him) and were victorious despite their small numbers.

The lesson for us in this is that even if we are in the minority for obeying the Law of Allah, Allah can still grant us victory over His enemies, and we should never lose our steadfastness upon the truth, no matter how few in number we are. “How often has a small group defeated a large army with the permission of Allah, and Allah is with those who are patient,” (2:249)

*The laws of business and inheritance are covered later in this same Surah in the third Juz.

Source: Themes of the Qur'an by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar
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Theme of Juz Two – The Laws of Islam
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