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 The Basic Approaches of Tafseer

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The Basic Approaches of Tafseer Empty
PostSubject: The Basic Approaches of Tafseer   The Basic Approaches of Tafseer EmptyWed Mar 27, 2019 12:46 pm

As Salamu Alaikum

We are sharing here an eBook Themes of the Qur'an

by Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar

This eBook can be purchased here:

The Basic Approaches of Tafseer

There are primarily two traditional approaches to Tafseer. The earliest approach to Tafseer is called Tafseer Bir Riwaayah (Tafseer by Narration) and focuses on narrating the teachings and Tafseer of the Prophet  Sallalahu aleihi wa , his companions and early scholars. This is the foundation of Tafseer and the classical approach taken by scholars like Ibn Kathir, At-Tabari and Ash-Shawkaani.

The other approach to Tafseer is called Tafseer Bir Ray (Opinion based Tafseer) and focuses on reflection and explaining the verses of the Qur’an based on one’s understanding. This approach is only permissible when it does not contradict the narrated Tafseer or change the meanings of the Qur’an in any way.

Over the centuries, many opinion-based approaches to Tafseer developed and one of these approaches is Thematic Tafseer. It is important for the reader to understand this. The content of this work is opinion-based, not narration. The study of the verses, reflection on their uniting themes and the explanation of such are all human effort at understanding the Qur’an and as such subject to error and difference of opinion.

With this in mind, do not take the contents of this work as something set in stone. They are my personal reflections and opinions, as well as the opinions of the authors I mentioned earlier, and all opinions are subjective and open to correction.


We have the author's permission to share his book on our forum. However we are only sharing the themes of the 30 Juz. To benefit from the rest of his work we advise you to purchase the eBook.

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The Basic Approaches of Tafseer
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