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 Chapter 04 - 'Aqiqah

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Chapter 04 -  'Aqiqah  Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 04 - 'Aqiqah    Chapter 04 -  'Aqiqah  EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 1:18 pm


Chapter 4
'Aqiqah (421)

421. This term is used for the animal which is slaughtered for the sake of a new-born baby whether male or female. The Sunnah is that the animal is to be slaughtered on the 7'" day of the baby's birth, and also it is an act of the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallalahu aleihi wa to slaughter one sheep for the female and two for the male.

1396. Ibn 'Abbas radiyallahu anhu narrated, 'The Messenger of Allah Sallalahu aleihi wa slaughtered a ram for both al-Hasan and al-Husain (422) (at their birth).' Related by Abu Dawud, Ibn Khuzaimah, Ibn al-Garud and 'Abdul Haqq graded it as Sahih but Abu Hatim said that it is most probably Mursal.

422. They are the grandsons of the Messenger of Allah Sallalahu aleihi wa and the sons of Ali bin Abi Talib and Fatimah the Prophet's daughter. Al-Husain is one year younger than Al-Hasan.

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1397. Ibn Hibban transmitted a similar Hadith on the authority of Anas radiyallahu anhu 

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1398. Aishah radiyallah anha narrated, 'Allah's Messenger Sallalahu aleihi wa  commanded them to slaughter two sheep equal (in age) for a boy and one for a girl at their birth.' Related by At-Tirmidhi and graded it as Sahih.

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1399. Ahmad and the four Imams transmitted a similar Hadith on the authority of Umm Kurz al-Ka'biyah.

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1400. Samurah radiyallahu anhu  narrated that Allah's Messenger Sallalahu aleihi wa said, "Every boy is pawned (423) against his 'Aqiqah, to be slaughtered on his behalf on the seventh day of his birth, his head is to be shaved, and he must be given a name." Related by Ahmad and the four Imams, At-Tirmidhi graded it as Sahih.

423. The Messenger of Allah Sallalahu aleihi wa is drawing a similarity between an article, which is pawned and a child who is lying in a state of being pledged. If his parents do not do this Aqiqah for him, he will not be able to intercede for them with Allah on the Day of Judgment, if he dies in his childhood before reaching the age of puberty; i.e. they will not benefit from his intercession to their welfare.
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Chapter 04 - 'Aqiqah
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