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 Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears

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Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears  Empty
PostSubject: Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears    Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears  EmptyTue May 28, 2013 5:14 pm

As Salamu Alaikum

Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears

Once Qari 'Abdul Basit, the famous reciter of the Glorious Quraan, was asked, "You recite Quraan with a great deal of enthusiasm. Have you ever witnessed any miracle regarding the Quraan?" He replied, "You ask about one miracle. I have personally witnessed many miracles regarding the Quraan." When prompted to relate one such miracle, he explained, "Jamal 'Abdun Nasar, during his reign as the president of Egypt, once travelled through Russia. Communism was dominant during that period and commanded a great deal of respect globally. Today, Allah has completely shattered its power and influence through Jihad. In any case, Jamal 'Abdun Nasar visited Moscow and had state meetings with a number of political figures. After the termination of official proceedings, he would often indulge in casual discussions. During one such gathering, the Communists asked him, "Why do you not study Communism and abandon Islam? If you do so, we will transform your country by introducing the latest and most advanced technology. You will then become the leaders in technological advancement." Jamal 'Abdun Nasar responded to them but was constrained to terminate his discussions due to time constraints. He left for Egypt, but felt that he had not done justice in expounding the truth and beauty of Islam. Two years later, he again had the opportunity to visit Russia."

Qari 'Abdul Basit continues, "I received an official letter from the president requesting me to accompany him on his trip. I was surprised. I would have regarded an invitation to the Arab World, Pakistan or any other Muslim country as normal, but an invitation to Russia was unbelievable. What would I be required to do in a country where people were athiests? In any case, I made preparations and proceeded with the president. After official meetings were over, a portion of time in his schedule was allocated for casual discussions. Jamal 'Abdun Nasar courageously introduced me to them and requested that I recite for them. They asked what I would recite, and were informed that I would recite a portion of the Quraan. I began reciting the portion of Surah Taha, which had converted 'Umar Radhi Allahu Anhu to Islam. I recited two rukus of the Surah and upon opening my eyes, I witnessed a miracle of the Quraan. Four or five of the Communists, sitting before me, were reduced to tears." Jamal 'Abdun Nasar asked them why they were crying and they replied, "We have no idea what your companion has just recited, but the powerful words melted our hearts and caused tears to flow from our eyes. Its effect upon us is beyond explanation."

Lesson: The immortal words of the Quraan have the miraculous effect of softening and conquering the hearts of men.

Reference : Pearls from the Path, Volume 3; p19; Muslims at Work Publications; 2010
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Qari Basit's Recitation Reduces Communists to Tears
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