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 Part 43: Footnotes

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PostSubject: Part 43: Footnotes   Part 43: Footnotes EmptyMon Apr 01, 2013 12:51 pm

As Salamu Alaikum


1.There are some ahadeeth reported about the excellence of gathering forty ahadeeth, however all of them are unauthentic as I briefly explained in my introduction to Forty Hadeeth on the Call To Islam and the Caller (Published by Al-Hidaayah, 1994)
2.It is the twentieth hadeeth of Forty Hadeeth on the Call to Islam and the Caller, its source and explanation are quoted there.
3.Jamarah Khutabil 'Arab (2/475) of Ahmad Zakiyy Safwat
4.Al-Muwaddih li Awhaamil-Jam' wat-Tafreeq (1/5) of al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee
5.Ibn Rajab quotes it from him in Fadl 'Ilmus Salaf'alal Khalaf (page 59 of the edition with my checking).
6.Soorah al-Baqarah (2):208
7.Reported by al-Bukhari (English Translation Volume 1 Page 1 No. 1) and Muslim (Eng. Trans. Vol. 3, page 1056, no. 4692)
8.At-Taqyeed (2/6-7) of Ibn Nuqtah
9.Reported by Ahmad (no. 5114) and others with hasan (good) isnaad (chain of narration). I have spoken about it in more detail in my footnotes to al-Hikamul Jadeerah bil Idhaa'ah (pg. 1-3) of Ibn Rajab
10.Reported by at-Tirmidhee (no. 1997) and others by way of Suwayd ibn 'Amr al-Kalbee: Hammad ibn Salamah narrated to us from Ayyoob as-Sakhtiyanee from Muhammad ibn Seereen from him. This isnaad is Saheeh (authentic) if Allaah wills, it does not contain anyone needing examination except for Suwayd and he is declared reliable by a group of the scholars and this is the preferred view of al-Haafidh Ib Hajr. The hadeeth is also declared authentic by a group of scholars such as al-Haafidh al-Iraaqee in Takhreejul Ihyaa (2/186), al-Munaawee in al-Fayd (1/177), az-Zubaydee in al-Ittihaf (6/233) and others, and is further clarified in Ghaayatul Maraam (no. 472) of Shaikh al-Albaanee.
11.Soorah al-Baqarah (2): 143
12.Reported by Ibn Nasr al-Marwazee in Ta'zeem Qadris Salaat (no. 639)
13.Soorah al-Ankaboot (29):69
14.Reported by Ibn Majah (no. 3688) and Ibn Hibaan (no. 549)
15.Reported by at-Tabaraanee in al-Mu'jamul Kabeer (no. 11,810) its chain of narration is hasan.
16.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 9/189/no.252) and Muslim (Eng. Trans. 3/1017/no.4496)
17.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 9/378/no.512) and Muslim (Eng. Trans. 2/782/no. 3572)
18.Some people quote this as being a hadeeth but it has no basis as such
19.See Fath ul Bari (1/167)
20.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 1/62/no.73)
21.Refer to the treatise Dhammul Hasad wa Ahlihi of Ibn ul Qayyim with my footnotes and checking
22.It is reported by al-Haakim (4/574), al-Baihaqee in Shu'abul Eemaan and others and its chain of narration is saheeh
23.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 8/282/no.421)
24.Bustaanul 'Aarifeen (p.79) of an-Nawawee
25.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 1/44/no.49) and Muslim (Eng. Trans. 3/840/no.3882)
26.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 1/31/no.32) and Muslim (Eng. Trans. 1/40/no.112)
28.Reported by al-Bukharee in al-Adabul Mufrad (no. 239), Aboo Dawood (Eng. Trans. 3/1370/no.4900) and others. Its chain of narration is hasan.
29.Reported by Muslim (Eng. Trans. 4/1488/no.6853)
30.See Hadeeth Number 39
31.Refer to my book al-Muntaqan Nafees min Talbees Iblees and Mawridul Amaan min Masaayidish Shaitan and May Allaah through His grace and favour make easy its completion
32.Soorah Ghaafir (40):60
33.Saheeh - reported by Ahmad (4/267, 271, 276) and others
34.Hadeeth 40 in Forty Hadeeth on the Call to Islam and the Caller
35.Reported by Ahmad (no. 5385) and others
36.Reported by at-Tirmidhee (no.2318) and others
38.Reported by Aboo Dawood (Eng. Trans. Vol.3/p.1312/no.3664) and others, with chain of narration being hasan
39.Reported by Ahmad (3/38,55)
40.Reported by At-Tirmidhee (no.2685)
41.Reported by at-Tirmidhee in as-Sunan (no.1991)
42.Reported by Muslim (Eng. Trans. Vol.4, p.1436, no.6223)
43.Reported by Ahmad (5/331) and others
44.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 8/214/no.320)
45.Reported by Muslim (Eng. Trans. 4/1366/no.6248)
46.Reported by al-Bukharee, al-Baihaqee and others
47.Reported by al-Haakim (4/324) and others.
48.Reported by Aboo Dawood (Eng. Trans. 3/1158/no.4149) and its chain of narration is hasan
49.Majmoo'ul Fataawaa (10/615)
50.Reported by al-Bukharee (Eng. Trans. 4/146/no.232)
51.Reported by Muslim (Eng. Trans. 2/501/no.2287)
52.Reported by Ahmad and others
53.From Ibn Rajab's explanation (sharh) of this hadeeth
54.Reported by al-Bukharee (8/50/80)
55.Reported by Muslim (4/1362/no.6226)
56.Reported by Ahmad (6/446 and 448)
57.Reported by Ahmad, Ibn Majah and others, with weak chain of narration.
58.Shaykh Bakr Abu Zayd in at-Ta'aalam wa Atharuhu 'alal Fikr wwal Kitaab (p.7)
59.Reported by Muslim (4/1381/no.6350)
60.Sharul 'Aqeedatit Tahaawiyyah (p.379)
61.Soorah al-Israa (17):36
62.Sharul 'Aqeedatit Tahaawiyyah (p.325)
63..Reported by al-Baihaqee in az-Zuhdul Kabeer (no.191)
64.Reported by Ahmad and others. See Hadeeth 22 of 40 hadeeth on the call to islam and the caller
65.Muslim (Eng. Trans. 4/1471/no.6752)
66.Reported by ad-Daarimee (1/64), al-Laalikaa'ee (no.123), al-Haakim(4/514) and others, with saheeh chain of narration

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Part 43: Footnotes
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