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 CHAPTER SIX ~ Degrees of Patience

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PostSubject: CHAPTER SIX ~ Degrees of Patience   CHAPTER SIX ~ Degrees of Patience EmptySun Sep 09, 2012 10:49 pm

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Degrees of Patience

Patience has various degrees according to how effective or weak it is in resisting whims and desires. There are three degrees of patience in this respect:

1- The religious incentive which has the power to suppress whims and desires. This can be attained by consistent patience. Whoever reaches such a level of self-control is victorious in this world and the next. They are the ones described by Allah as those,

{Who say, Our lord is Allah.}

They are also the ones whom angels will address at the moment of their death by saying,

{Fear not! Nor grieve! But receive the glad tidings of the Garden (of Bliss), that which you were promised! We are your protectors in this life and in the Hereafter.}

(Fussilat:30 -31)

Moreover, they are the ones who win the companionship of Allah. They, undoubtedly , strive in the cause of Allah and therefore deserve Allah’s guidance.

2- When one’s desires prevail, the religious incentive is misplaced. Such a man will totally surrender to the devil and its soldiers, who lead him wherever they want. He may be either one of their followers, as the case of a weak man, or the devil himself may become as is soldier, as in the case of people who blaspheme and rebel against Allah. They are those people whose misfortune has overtaken them because they preferred this world to the Hereafter. This is because they lost patience. They are characterised by deception, cheat, false hopes, wishful thinking, laziness in doing good, hope of long life and preference of worldly life to the Hereafter. The prophet (pbuh) described such people by saying,

“The helpless man is the one who follows his desires and indulges in wishful thinking.” (1)

Such people are of different kinds. Some of them declare war against Allah and His messenger, try to abolish the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh), prevent people to follow Allah’s guidance and spread distortion and corruption among people. Some indulge only I worldly interests and desires. We might find some hypocrites behave according to worldly benefits. There may also be some people who devote their lives to the satisfaction of their desires. Some people may assume that repentance is their ultimate wish; but they assume that it is too difficult to do and furthermore they have no opportunity. Some claim that Allah, the Almighty, does not need what they do of prayers or fasting. Good deeds are not enough for salvation. Above all, Allah is Merciful and Oft-Forgiving. Others may also say, “What good could my worship do after all the evil actions I have committed? What can help a drowning man if his fingers are above water and the rest of his body is submerged?” Some others may say, “We will repent when death approaches.”

Various excuses are heard from such deluded people whose main concern has become the worldly life. All they think of is the satisfaction of their lusts and desires. Such a man has become a prisoner to Satan, who exploits him in raising pigs, making wine and carrying the cross.

3- There is an ongoing war between religious incentive and one’s desires. Sometimes, the latter prevails and at other times the former may gain the upper hand. This is the case with many believers who mix good deeds with bad deeds. Each category of the three aforementioned groups of people, will meet the requital of what they have done in this worldly life. Some people will enter Paradise and others will never enter it, and some will enter Hell-fire for some time before they are admitted to Paradise.

4- Some people can hardly remain patient, while others maintain patience easily. The first type is like two men wrestling each other. No one can win without exerting great effort. The second type is like a man who wrestles with a weak man. He will surely beat him easily. Such is the ongoing war between the soldiers of Allah, the Merciful, and that of Satan. Whoever defeats Satan’s soldiers can defeat Satan himself with the guidance and will of Allah.
‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “Once there was a wrestling between a man and one of the jinn in wjhich the former beat the latter. Then he asked, “Why are you so weak and small?” The jinn answered, “ I am one of the strongest jinn.” Someone asked “Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud, “Was that man ‘Umar?” He replied, “Who else could do so?”

Some companions of the Prophet (pbuh) said, “A believer whips Satan the way someone whips his camel while travelling.”

Ibn ‘Abd-Dunia narrated from some of the early Muslims that two devils met each other one day. One of them asked the other, “Why do you seem pale?” The other replied, “I have been enjoined to befriend a man who mentions the Name of Allah whenever he eats, so I cnnot share his food. He also mentions Allah’s name when he drinks, so I cannot drink with him. When he enters his home, he mentions the name of Allah, so I remain outside. On the other hand, the other devil said, “On the contrary, I have befriended a man who does not mention the Name of Allah when eating, drinking, entering his home or having intercourse with his wife, so I share with him in all he does.” Therefore, whoever is accustomed to patience, his enemy fears him. But whoever finds it too difficult to apply, his enemy will readily dare to attack him and do him harm.

1.Reported by Tirmidhi, ibn Majah and Ahmed.


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CHAPTER SIX ~ Degrees of Patience
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