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 The Deen Family's Adventures series

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The Deen Family's Adventures series Empty
PostSubject: The Deen Family's Adventures series   The Deen Family's Adventures series EmptyThu May 24, 2012 11:05 am

Bismillah large


while browsing I found these little books. They are also available as paperbacks, but they are cheaper on Kindle.

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The Deen Family's Adventures series 41dimo10
Product Description
Somebody's trying to ruin her Ramadan! Layla Deen and her family were just settling in to break a long days fast when their mother came running from the kitchen and cried, "Someone stole the food for Iftar!" Layla knew it was a terrible crime and decided to get to the bottom of this mystery. See what happens in this tale of mystery with an ending that will leave you smiling! Illustrated. Ages 7-12
About the Author
Yahiya Emerick is an American convert to Islam who has authored over twenty-five books on topics as diverse as Rumi to the Holy Qur'an.

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The Deen Family's Adventures series 51nx0110
Product Description
Follow Ahmad Deen in this new adventure which brings him on a class trip to China. But more than a hstory lesson, Ahmad is in for a hair raising time when he confronts kidnappers, learns kung fu and also a little about himself along the way.

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The Deen Family's Adventures series 51oz5r11
Product Description
Ahmad and his sister Layla travel with their father to Mexico to study some Ancient Aztec ruins. Along the way, their father gets kidnapped by cultists who aim to revive the old rituals. Can the pair save their father before it's too late? What about the fabled curse of the Aztec warrior? A real page turner in the tradition of Indiana Jones!

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I did not put the links on purpose, because they will not be the same, depending on where you are in the world. Just do a Google or other search, and you will find them in bookshops too Inshallah.

I have not read them yet. I have downloaded them on my son's kindle , so, but they do seem good Inshallah.
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The Deen Family's Adventures series
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