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As Salamu Alaikum

While browsing the web, I came accross this website and I thought it excellent. The service they offer is really important for our communities.

Inshallah, it will be of use of some of our readers.

here what they say about themselves:
Quote :
Young Muslim Retreat started out as an annual girls' camp with the help of Sister Abdah Khalifa in 2000. When Sister Abdah moved from our area she passed the torch to Sister Amal Sayed who had previously played an important role in the Triad Muslim Women's Community. Sister Amal has continued in her efforts to develop the camp and see it through to its current stage. We are very pleased to now have a Boys' Camp as well as a Girls' Camp, Alhamdulillah! But Sister Amal realized we needed more than just a camp that meets once a year.

In August of 2006, the Young Muslim Youth Retreat was officially formed as non-profit organization. The organizers and operators of the Young Muslim Retreat are Sister Amal, Sister Rashida, Sister Asma, and Sister Hoda. The founder and President of YMR, Sister Amal Sayed, envisioned YMR as a Muslim youth group that would meet regularly every week or every other week, not just once a year for the camp.

This website will play a big role in bringing that vision to fruition insha'Allah. By clicking on the WEEKEND FUN link you can see what activities we have scheduled for the coming weeks! YMR has regular activities in the community and in members' homes. We insha'Allah plan to go bowling, play mini-golf, go ice skating, roller skating, and out for pizza as just some of our activities in the coming year! Just getting together at a member's home to bake cookies or watch an Islamic movie is another idea in the works. As our Muslim youth spend more time together, they become stronger individuals and stronger Muslims, as they validate one another's identity and religion.

Even though they may be surrounded with temptations and possibly anti-Islamic points-of-view everyday in the public school system, it is important for our Muslim youth to know that they have peers who share their religious beliefs and practices and who love and support them like an extended family. It is vital in the minds of teens to “fit-in” with their perceived peer group, and that is all the more reason why it is so crucial that they feel they are a part of a Muslim Ummah of their own, rather than identifying with teens who may be experimenting with smoking, drugs, drinking and dating.

We want to teach our youth about Islam, and show them how they can bring Islam into their day-to-day life with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We want to instill within them the desire to be the best Muslims they can be, and show them how to do that insha'Allah. We want them to see that living in a non-Muslim society does not mean they have to live like non-Muslims. With the correct guidance, they will be proud of Islam and they will be grateful they are Muslim. As our mission states, we want to help Muslim youth to laugh, learn, and LOVE being a Muslim!

We are trying our best for the sake of Allah (SWT) and we pray for Allah (SWT) to guide us on the right path and purify our intentions because with Allah (SWT) is the Best of Rewards... May Allah (SWT) Accept and Bless our struggle and make our Muslim children victorious and successful in this world and the Hereafter!

Copyright 2007 Young Muslim Retreat
Website by Dawa Designs

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''I have travelled the world without leaving home.
I did not study psychology, yet, I know people.
Even on solitary days, I have never felt alone
and I always find a solution to my trouble
Just by opening a book. A book is a friend
and this kind of friendship knows no end.''

(quick quote from Khadi to Booklover -01.07.2011)

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