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 In the Early Hours

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PostSubject: In the Early Hours   In the Early Hours EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 4:11 pm


This is a book that I read and found very inspiring.

I found it as an ebook and now presenting it here for you just in time for the beginning of the Ramadhan.

May we benefit from the knowledge within. Ameen.
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PostSubject: Re: In the Early Hours   In the Early Hours EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 4:27 pm



The title of this book, In the Early Hours, has been carefully and specifically chosen to highlight that precious but often neglected time during the night that Allah is closest and most receptive to His servants. The Messenger of God said:

Our Lord descends each night to the nearest Heaven when only the last third of the night remains, and says: `Is anyone praying that I may answer him? Is anyone seeking forgiveness, that I may forgive him? Is anyone asking, that I may give to him?', and this continues until dawn. (Tirmidhi.)

The later part of each night is the most conducive period for reflection and self development. It is the occasion with the most potential for the heart to be present, alert and free of worldly concerns as the Quran declares:

Lo! The vigil of the night is [a time] when impression is more keen and speech more certain. [al-Muzzammil 73:6.]

This book is a collection of inspirational advice by a dear and beloved teacher, Ustadh Khurram Murad on the subject of spiritual and self development. In it he sets out the goal of the Believer- the single-minded desire to seek the good pleasure of Allah and Paradise. He then outlines the methods and instruments which must be used in the attainment of that ultimate goal.

These spiritual exhortations that follow were originally delivered in those early hours of Summer 1993 just after Salat al-Fajr as part of a course entitled Self Development for Islamic Workers at The Islamic Foundation, Leicester. That course represented one of many similar courses Ustadh Khurram conducted for young Muslims, both male and female. He recognised that it was in the young generation's eagerness, strength and enthusiasm that the future of the Muslim Umma lay.
Each of the seven sections in this book represents one Nasiha or Advice. Each Nasiha was delivered in a presentation of approximately 45 minutes. This time allotment was not, of course, sufficient for Ustadh Khurram to discuss the subjects in detail. I have therefore drawn material from several of his other speeches and works for `thoroughness', coherence and to provide clarity on the topics discussed. I have also added Quran and hadith references wherever I felt they were relevant and added to the richness of the text. Only Allah knows how close I have come to making clear the Message of the Quran and the Sunna as expressed by Ustadh Khurram.

Let me emphasise that this book merely represents an introduction to spiritual and self development. I hope that each of the topics exposed here will lead you to further study so that you can continue to grow and progress along the path of attaining closeness to Allah, our Lord and Master. A selection of suggested readings is given at the end of this text to assist in further study.

The task of preparing this text has certainly been a challenge for me, but one, which I have enjoyed and benefited from immensely. I am grateful to Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Alyasa Abdullah, Asim Abdullah, Sharifa Abdullah, Fazeela Mollick, Wajid Mollick, Hashim Mohammed and Lucy Bushill-Matthews who all read the manuscript and offered valuable comments and advice during the initial phase of this text's preparation. My deepest appreciation, however, goes to Abdul Wahid Hamid, whose literary skills, advice and motivation were instrumental in finalising this work Ultimately, though, any mistakes this book contains are my own - may Allah forgive me and have mercy on me. Whatever good is derived from it, all praise is due to Him, for without His help and guidance, nothing is possible.

I would like to end with a dua or supplication of the Prophet Sallalahu aleihi wa which epitomises the sole objective of this work and our goal in life:

O Allah, You change hearts, so change our hearts to be obedient to You. (Muslim.)

Riza Mohammed
Leicester, October 1999
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PostSubject: Re: In the Early Hours   In the Early Hours EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 7:07 pm


CHAPTER 1 The Process of Self Development
*The Goal in life
*The First Step to Paradise
*Your Mission
*Prerequisites of Tazkiya
--Tazkiya - Your Personal Responsibility
--Genuine Effort
--Sustaining Willpower
--Reliance on Allaah
--Tazkiya - All-embracing Process
*Blessings and Benefits
CHAPTER 2: A life of Rememberance
*The Significance of Dhikr
*The Meaning of Dhikr
*The Methods of Dhikr
--Sustained Awareness of Allah
ONE: Say to yourself: I am in Allah's presence; He is watching me.
TWO:Say to yourself: Everything I have has been given to me by Allah.
THREE:Say to yourself: Nothing in this world can happen without His permission.
FOUR:Say to yourself: I am going to return to Allah one day and that day could be today.
--Specific Methods of Dhikr
--Methods of Individual Dhikr
°Psychological and Mental Preparation
°Physical Preparation
°Performing Your Prayer
°Tahajjud Salat
° Fufilling Allah's wishes
°Protection from Shaytan
C.Tilawa of the Quran
°The Method of Tilawa
°Your Constant Companion
D. Dua
E. Istighfar and Tawba
--Methods of Collective Dhikr
A. Seeking the company of the righteous
B. Witnessing unto Mankind
--Organising Your Dhikr
CHAPTER 3: Relating to Allah
*Characteristcis of 'Holding onto Allah
--Thankfulness to Allah
--Worshipping Allah
°Sincerity in Worship
--Love of Allah
°Ihsan - The Essence of Worship
--Becoming Hanif
°The model of Ibrahim
°Love for Allah
°Complete trust in Allah
--Jihad - Striving in the path of Allah
°Acquiring Knowledge
°Practicing what you preach
°Developiing patience and perserverance
*Impediments in Holding onto Allah
--Uncontrolable Anger
--Abuse of the Tongue
--Lustful Sexual Passions
CHAPTER 4: Relating to Allah's Messenger Sallalahu aleihi wa
*The Position of the Sunna in the Believer's life
*The Prophet's Mission Sallalahu aleihi wa
*Guidelines in studying the sunna
*The Sunna in the context of Western society
*The real Meaning of the term Sunna
*Your Mission
CHAPTER 5: Spending in the Way of Allah
*Spending on Fellow Human beings
*Spending for the Cause of Islam
*The small charity
*Modes of Giving
*Love of this world
*Forgiving others
CHAPTER 6: Relating to Allah's Creation
*The Registers Deeds
*Obligations to your family
*Obligations to your children
*Obligations to your parents
*Obligations to your fellow muslims
*Obligations of employers and employees
*Obligations to your neighbors
*The rights of animals
CHAPTER 7:Meeting Allah
*The Objective of Life
*The Reality of the Hereafter
*The Certainty of Death
*Man's Forgetfulness
*Seeking Allah's Mercy
*Seeking Allah's Forgiveness
*Conquering Fear of Death
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PostSubject: Re: In the Early Hours   In the Early Hours EmptyMon Jun 01, 2015 1:30 pm

As Salamu Alaikum

This eBook can be downloaded from Here
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PostSubject: Re: In the Early Hours   In the Early Hours Empty

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In the Early Hours
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