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 The Foundation of Islaamic Creed

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The Foundation of Islaamic Creed Empty
PostSubject: The Foundation of Islaamic Creed   The Foundation of Islaamic Creed EmptyFri Nov 06, 2009 3:11 pm

As Salamu Alaikum


The Foundation of Islaamic Creed

The Deen of Islaam , as it is discussed above, is a Deen that comprises ‘ Aqeedha ( matters of faith ) and Sharee’ah (laws , Legislation and judicial aspects). We indicated some of its Laws and mentioned it Arkaan, which are considered the basis of its legislation. As to the ‘Aqeedah Al-Islaamiyyah (the Islamic Creed) , its basis are:

The belief in Allaah , His Angles , His Books, His Messengers, the last day and Al-Qadar(20), its good and bad.

These basis are verified by evidences from the book of Alaah ( i.e The Qura’an) and from the Sunah of Allaah Messenger . In His Book Allaah says:

( ليس البر أن تولوا وجوهكم قبل المشرق و المغرب و لكن البر من آمن بالله و اليوم الآخر و الملائكة و المتاب و النبيين) ( البقرة ، 177)

It is not Al-Birr (piety , righteousness , and each and every obedience to Allahh , etc ) that you turn your faces towards east and
( or) west ( in prayers); but Al-Birr is the (quality of) the one who believes in Allaah , the last day , the angles , the Book , the prophets. ( Qura’an 2: 177)

He (تعالى) says about Al-Qadar:

( إن كل شىء خلقناه بقدر و ما أمرنا إلا واحدة كلمح بالبصر) ( القمر ،49-50)

Verily, We have created all things with Qadar , and our commandment is but one , as the twinkling of an eye ( Qura’an 54:49-50)

In the Sunah of Allaah’s Messenger, the Prophet (puh) said in his reply to Jibreel ( Gabriel) when the latter asked him about Eaman ( Faith):

" الإيمان أن تؤمن بالله ، و ملائكته ، و كتبه ، ورسله ،و اليوم الآخر ، وتؤمن بالقدر خيره و شره " رواه مسلم .

“Eamaan is to believe in Allaah , His angles,His Books, His Messengers , and the last day , and to believr in Al-Qadaar , its good and its bad”.(21)

The Foundation of Islaamic Creed Eline10

20 Al-Qadar is the ability of Allah , where He knew , wrote , willed and created all things in predestined proportions and precise measures. See the book “Al-Qadaa ‘Wal Qadar” by this translator

21 Collected By Immam Muslim
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The Foundation of Islaamic Creed
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