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 memorizing Quran tips

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PostSubject: memorizing Quran tips   memorizing Quran tips EmptyThu Sep 17, 2009 8:15 pm

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this is an email i recieved from a sister ...very beneficial

Memorizing Qur’an Tips

With Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

(1) Pure niyyah (intention) for Allah SWT

(2) Decrease number of sins – less barakah w/ sins

(3) Sincere Dua

(4) Practice what you memorize
Tangible/Physical Things you Can Do

(5) Memorize after Fajr – before breakfast, before you do any other task

(6) No Magic Trick – rote repetition – over and over and over and over….

(7) Memorize Verse connections which is harder still

( 8 ) Memorize with the meaning (translations –learn it)

(9) Hear recitation before learning: must use one qari (reciter), and he learned from Hudhayfee, he’d advise us to use Hussary, “Imam Al-
Qurra” of our times. Keep listening and rewinding.

(10) Consistency: Be consistent when memorizing – every day without exception memorize something. No weekdays in worship
The more you memorize, the easier it is to memorize. The brain doesn’t get cluttered up, the opposite occurs, it clears out. He used to take one hour to memorize a page, later on and eventually it took him 20 minutes to memorize a page.

(11) VERY KEY – Never memorize by jumping around from one part of the surah to a completely different part of mushaf – like he showed us from one part of the book, memorizing some, and then go to another entirely different section of the book. You will have holes in your memorization that way. Start at Juz Amma he recommends, and work back. Be consistent. Memorize at the least 7 to 8 juz back to back to back before moving around in the mushaf.

Every Single Day: 3 Separate Things to Do with the Qur’an.This is what his shaykh taught him.

(A) MEMORIZE something new. Consistent every day, right after A, do B, no break in between, or not too long.

(B) GO OVER PREVIOUS 10 DAYS, it is fresh in the heads, it is not a lot. For example, if it is the 15th of the month go over what you memorized the 5th – 14th of the month. Two Things occur: One, it solidifies what you memorize, and two, links between what you memorized will be linked and solidified. Do this each day, your previous 10 days. You can take a little break before going on to C if you want.
This part is done totally from memory, you can go back to the mushaf if you have too but finish with memorizing it.

(C) OLD STUFF. Muraja of rest of what you memorized of the old stuff, not what you are memorizing now. If you are on page 80, review pages 1-79, doing no less than ¼ of a Juz each day, and work your way back. THE CATIPILLAR: Once you reviewed all your old stuff, your next review will be longer because you will have been memorizing new stuff.
Part A is the easiest, if you don’t do B and C, you’ll forget. Do even 1-2 lines a day, DON’T STOP.
Must have someone to recite Qur’an to, in order to check.
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memorizing Quran tips
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