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 Closer than a garment by Sh. Muhammad al Jibaly

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Closer than a garment by Sh. Muhammad al Jibaly Empty
PostSubject: Closer than a garment by Sh. Muhammad al Jibaly   Closer than a garment by Sh. Muhammad al Jibaly EmptyFri Jul 24, 2009 10:09 pm

As Salamu Alaikum

Closer than a garment by Sh. Muhammad al Jibaly Garment

Closer than a garment
by Sh. Muhammad Al Jibaly

Marital Intimacy According to the Pure Sunnah

Quote :

Closer than a garment
Muhammad Al Jibaly  

Covers the proper etiquette's of marital intimacy, forbidden acts of intimacy, zinaa, birth control, etc. Answers many frequently asked questions about various acts of intimacy.

This is one of a 4-book series covering various aspects of marriage according to the authentic Sunnah. Marriage plays a most central role in the human life, and has been largely discussed by the scholars of Islam through the ages, resulting in numerous writings and treatises. Some of those writings, mostly by contemporary scholars, have been translated to English. However, we find them restricted in scope, addressing Muslims who live in predominantly Islamic countries, or overlooking important real issues that have developed under the modern civilization. This leaves quite a large gap that needs to be filled for the benefit of the Muslims in English-speaking countries, and this is what we attempt to fulfill over the span of three books.

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It is one of the fairest and well documented books on the subject . It answers many questions that young people may feel shy to ask and it has evidence from ayahs from the Quran and every hadith is referenced, Alhamdullilah .

It can be read on its own, it does not need the others from the set.

you can get it in a good bookshop or online at

and other good online bookshops - UK price around 8.99 GBP.

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Closer than a garment by Sh. Muhammad al Jibaly
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