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  Articulation points of the Sides/Edges of the Tongue

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Bookroom Assistant

PostSubject: Articulation points of the Sides/Edges of the Tongue   Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:14 pm

The letter ض) ضاد)

This letter is articulated from the one or both sides of the tongue and from the molars and the gum area next to the molars.

The posterior two thirds of the side of the tongue is used for this letter.

This letter can be articulated from one side (right or left) of the tongue alone, or from both sides of the tongue simultaneously.

ض) ضاد) has the characteristic of compression of the sound, as well as tafkheem (heaviness), so the deep part of the tongue raises up when pronouncing it and compresses the sound at the same time.

Common mistakes in the letter

The ض) ضاد) takes practice, patience, and dua’ to perfect its articulation.

The most common mistake in its pronunciation is using the tip of the tongue instead of the side (posterior two thirds). The resultant sound then is that of a د) دال ).

Using the middle of the tongue and what opposes it of the middle of the roof of the mouth is another common error. The resultant sound is sort of like a heavy د) دال ).

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Articulation points of the Sides/Edges of the Tongue
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