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 Lets talk about Ramadan

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Bookroom Assistant
Bookroom Assistant

PostSubject: Lets talk about Ramadan   Mon May 26, 2014 11:06 am

As Salamu Alaikum 

 Masha Allah  this is a lovely ebook about Ramadan

This is a conversation taking place between Amir and Zayd. Amir is a new Muslim who has some questions about fasting in Ramaḍān. Zayd has a significant amount of knowledge regarding fasting as he was granted the opportunity to travel abroad and study ꞌIslām. On the Monday morning after praying Ṣalātal-Fajr, Amir’s car wouldn’t start. When Amir saw Zayd leaving the masjid, he asked Zayd if he could take him to work . . .

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Lets talk about Ramadan
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