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 Protect Syria's children Sign the petition

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Protect Syria's children Sign the petition Empty
PostSubject: Protect Syria's children Sign the petition   Protect Syria's children Sign the petition EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 2:23 am

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red rose

take action to save Syria's children by signing the petition

red rose

Posted: 28 May 2012

The pictures from Al Houla, Syria, last Friday are almost too brutal to look at. I have a 5 year old daughter and I know it's only luck of birth that separates her from this horror. But my shock led me to write this today as I know there is something we can all do together to stop this.

Dozens of children lie covered with blood, their faces show the fear they felt before death, and their innocent lifeless bodies reveal an unspeakable massacre. These children were slaughtered by men under strict orders to sow terror. Yet all the diplomats have come up with so far is a few UN monitors 'observing' the violence. Now, governments across the world are expelling Syrian ambassadors, but unless we demand strong action on the ground, they will settle for these diplomatic half-measures.

The UN is discussing what to do right now. If there were a large international presence across Syria with a mandate to protect civilians, we could prevent the massacres while leaders engage in political efforts to resolve the conflict. I cannot see more images like these without shouting from the rooftops. But to stop the violence, it is going to take all of us, with one voice, demanding protection for these kids and their families. Sign the urgent petition on the right to call for UN action now and share this campaign with everyone.

Alice Jay, Campaign Director
Tell Your Friends

Right now governments are deciding what to do. The more of us join this call, the stronger it becomes! Please help spread the word using the Facebook and Email tools below and forward the original email from Avaaz!

for the tools, go to their website :

red rose

Note from Khadi: I do not deem this a political post but a humanitarian one. Please click.
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Protect Syria's children Sign the petition
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