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 Obviously, one cannot please everyone, but IMHO, it is a jolly good idea..

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Obviously, one cannot please everyone, but IMHO, it is a jolly good idea.. Empty
PostSubject: Obviously, one cannot please everyone, but IMHO, it is a jolly good idea..   Obviously, one cannot please everyone, but IMHO, it is a jolly good idea.. EmptyThu May 10, 2012 2:48 pm


As Salamu Alaikum


I quite like the idea of an Islamic social network. I was reading some of the comments under the videos, and some people (muslims and non muslims) disagree, arguing that it is going to divide instead of unite. Well, well...........

1 - I do not understand how this can divide . These comments show how many muslims and non muslims do not understand the essence of Islam or, they follow erroneous ideas, being spoon fed by the medias and islamophobes. C'mon, there are forums/websites and networks solely for engineers, teachers, lawyers, doctors etc... if you are not this kind of professional, you cannot join. Also, there are men's clubs where women are not allowed, and women sisterhoods where men are not allowed. So? lets not be politically correct but practical.

2 - Also, I am pretty sure that non muslims will also join the Islamic social network, because it will not be exclusively for Muslims. It would be totally impractical as many non Muslims are genuinely curious about Islam.This is my guess.

3 - Many muslims will continue to use their Facebook accounts. There is no contradiction with the two. Each network has got its specific goals. A social network solely dedicated to muslims have this added advantage that muslims will not see ads that are deemed unsuitable, or any offensive picture or video. What is wrong with this?

4 - And if you are a muslim who disagree with anything muslim, lets say, you are a muslim because your parents were, but you do not want to practice and you feel better with the company of non Muslims, what is it to you if there is a popular Islamic social network? no one is forcing you to join. As a matter of fact, it is better that you do not join. I dislike Mangas, so, funnily enough, I have not joined any network or forums that the main subject is, you guess it, Mangas!

But no, some people have to moan about anything. Which brings me back to my motto: you cannot please everyone, so, don't even try!

5- Ah, the subject of muslimahs in hijab (if you see some of the comments under the video on YouTube, they make you mind boggle. Why, why so much polemic about a little square of material. If you do a little bit of research with an open mind, you may well find out that many, many today Muslim women want to wear their scarf to be recognised for who and what they are, for their brains and not their looks. And to assert their muslim idendity. So, just mind your own business, if a few muslimahs want to adhere to a social network and take a pic with their scarf on, its nothing to do with you people. And I suppose a few will not have a hijab on, and I guess it will be ok too. Hijab is not one of the 5 pillars of Islam. While it is mandatory to the woman (but hey, a beard is mandatory for the man, and many seem to ignore the fact), it is not going to take her out of Islam if she does not wear one. Oh I do wish people would read a little bit more and know the facts, not the fiction!!

Anyway, watch the video, and if you are interested, submit your email to get updates of when Salamworld will be fully operative. If you like it, Alhamdullilah. And if you don't? Alhamdullilah!

Oh, a final note: some will still want to argue that Salamworld is going to be too ''strict'' or too ''fundamental '' and will divide communities. As I said, personally, I do not think so. I think it gonna be cool, bring people who have the same interest together . And by the way, there is background music in the presentation, and we all know that only strict muslims do not listen to music (well, some not strict either) hehe hehe Nope, Salamworld is exactly what they say they are, a Muslim social network made by Muslims, for Muslims. No strings attached.

p.s. And nope, I have no shares in the venture hehe just like to share what I find interesting.

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Obviously, one cannot please everyone, but IMHO, it is a jolly good idea..
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