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PostSubject: ARABIC CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT! (free!)    ARABIC CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT! (free!)  EmptyTue Apr 24, 2012 1:25 am


Assalamou aleikoum wa Rahmatoullah wa barakatou

An interesting email I have received that I would like to forward to everyone (I forward it as I have received it) :

Quote :


red rose

Posted: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 17:42:35 +0000

red rose

Brothers and sisters

Don’t miss this opportunity to take Arabic lessons online. It is the foundation of the Book of Allah. Email and some information about the class
Is below.

Talha Shahid

Email if interested and want him to enlist you in the class.

NOTE…This is a forwarded mailing… The below information with details are not mine. Please see below contact information for ways to attend class or for any further questions about classes, baarakullahu feekum

More details: If you are interested for the classes read the message below and then send an email to abu asiya as to which day is convenient for you as is requested in the email (below) then he will register your names with him and then notify when the classes actually start. Also the sis that sent me this will also forward me the details to send to you when she gets them. XXX

The message forwarded by the sister is below and the emphasis is mine:….

I pray that this e-mail reaches you all in the best state of imaan and health. I just wanted to take some time to thank you all for replying to my request regarding your interest in the arabic class. I would like to just take the time to explain to you all the purpose behind my taking it upon myself to try and set up an arabic class for all of us to benefit from other than the obvious, which is so that we can understand what our Lord wants from us in terms of this religion in the language that it was revealed and relayed from our beloved prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaiyhi wa sallam).

A few brothers approached me regarding the great need of someone to teach arabic in the particular community I am from (Toronto, Canada) and I told them that if they could get a good number of students together then I would approach a brother I know who lives in Makkah who about a year or two told me to gather some people together for him to teach them arabic via WizIQ, but the turnout and commitment was not a strong one and so it led to the cancellation of this class. Now, wa lillaahil hamd the brothers have done a great job and have gotten the word out to many brothers and sisters who have shown interest to this upcoming arabic class, so I then contacted the brother (in Makkah) and have expressed to him the great need of the arabic language for us here in the west and have mentioned to him that approximately 50 + brothers/sisters have expressed interest in the class and he was very happy and accepted my request.

After, speaking to him regarding some of the details regarding the course, such as which kitaab we would study, the time of day it will take place, and the day of the week it would take place. He has suggested to me a few books that I believed would not be of real benefit for the majority of the brothers and sisters who have expressed to me that they are beginners. So, we agreed to study “Kitaab Al Asaasi,” which is the arabic language learning book that is studied in the University of Ummul Qurra in Makkattul Mukkarrammah.

Now, to give you a brief description regarding the brother. I have known him since 2003 and he was my teacher in an Islamic School in Ottawa, Ontario. A few years later, him and his family moved to Makkah when he attained a position at Umul Qurra University as an English Teacher. He has also been studying and sitting in the duroos of the well known mashaykh of Al Masjid Al Haram, such as Ash-Shaykh Al ‘Allaammah Abdulrahman bin ‘Ajlaan and his brother Ash-Shaykh Al ‘Allaammah Muhammad bin ‘Ajlaan, who are both currently teaching in Masjid Al Haram. I was also with him this past summer in Makkah and from 2003 up until now, I know nothing and have seen nothing but the sunnah from him and have not seen anything that opposes it wa lillaahil hamd. The brother is of Somali origin and is originally from Toronto, Ontario but also lived in Ottawa, Ontario for some years before moving to Makkah. Hopefully, this gives you enough infomation regarding the brother and if you have any other questions regarding him that I may answer simply reply to this e-mail and I will try my best to answer them for you.

Now, after speaking to the brother he has expressed to me that he is unfortable regarding teaching sisters and that his wife who is qualified with a diploma in arabic from Umul Qurra would be able to teach the sisters. She is also of Somali origin and is from the city of Ottawa, Canada. I explained to him that the only reason I suggested it this way was due to the availability of the students and the confusion of having to run two different classes.

So now, what I am doing is mentioning that the brother will be conducting his class every Sunday at 9:00 PM Makkah Time, which will be 6:00 PM UK TIME, and 2:00 PM in Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal and 12:00 PM in Alberta, Canada. Classes will run for approximately 1 hour and will be held (for now) once a week.

What he has suggested for the sisters is that his wife teach them on TUESDAY at 9:00 PM, which would be 6:00 PM UK TIME, 2:00 PM Toronto/Montreal/Ottawa TIME and 12:00 PM Alberta, Canada TIME.

What I want to know, my dear sisters in Islaam, is which of the two scenarios would fit better with your schedules when you think of the benefits and the harms. Now, I advise that if you are FREE on Tuesdays that you reply with Tuesday as your option because the fact that a qualified sister will be teaching you all would be best and purer for you. Only, reply with Sunday if there is no possible way for you to take part in the class on Tuesdays at the designated times that apply to you.

Please reply to this e-mail ( to ABU ASIYA with either: TUESDAY or SUNDAY as your choice, along with any other questions you may have regarding this class.

Hayyaakummullah Wa BaarakAllaahumma Feekum.


red rose

Abu Imad Rasheed Ibn Gant
Brothers 215-971-7110
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