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 The Person resides in Makkah, if he wants to perform Umrah

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The Person resides in Makkah, if he wants to perform Umrah Empty
PostSubject: The Person resides in Makkah, if he wants to perform Umrah   The Person resides in Makkah, if he wants to perform Umrah EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 6:43 pm

As Salamu Alaikum


Whoever intends to perform 'Umrah from the people of Makkah who live there and those who come there, from where does he assume Ihram? Does he assume Ihram from Makkah or from outside the Sacred Area or from the Miqat of his land? I hope for acquiring the reward in your beneficial answer along with some explanation of the evidence regarding this.


Whoever wants to perform 'Umrah from those who live in A Makkah, whether he is of those who settled there or those who have come there temporarily, it is legislated for him to assume Ihram from outside of the Sacred Area. This is because when 'A'ishah (Radhi Allahu Anhuma) desired to perform 'Umrah while she was in Makkah during the Farewell Hajj, the Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) ordered her to go out of the Haram area and he sent her brother 'Abdur-Rahman (Radhi Allahu Anhuma) with her. So, she assumed Ihram from At-Tan'im, and it is known today as the Masjid of 'Aishah.

Some of the people of knowledge have gone with the opinion that there is no 'Umrah for the people of Makkah, because when the Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) conquered Makkah during Ramadhan, he did not perform 'Umrah from outside of Makkah. The correct view is the first opinion and it is the view of the majority of the people of knowledge due to what preceded from the Hadith of 'Aishah (Radhi Allahu Anhuma), because the Prophet (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) left off performing 'Umrah from outside of Makkah during the year of the Conquest, this does not prove that this is not legislated. This is because he (Sallallahu 'Alayhi wa Sallam) might leave off something due to numerous reasons and while ordering some of his Companions to perform it, so that the 'Ummah would know that it is legislated. This is just as he ordered Abu Hurairah and Abu Ad-Darda' (Radhi Allahu Anha) to offer the Dhuha prayer while he himself did not always perform it. This is also like him informing that the best fast is the fast of Dawud (Alayhi Salam) which is to fast a day and not fast the next day, but he himself did not do that due to reasons that dictated that.

Perhaps among those reasons was fear of hardship upon his Ummah. Concerning the Hadith of Ibn 'Abbas (Radhi Allahu Anha) that is agreed upon as being authentic, and that alludes to whoever is within the Mawaqit assuming Ihram for Hajj and 'Umrah from wherever he sets out (i.e., his residence), this is specifically for Hajj in regards to the residents of Makkah. In reference to Umrah, what is obligatory is that they (the residents of Makkah) assume Ihram for it from outside of the Sacred Area due to the previous Hadith of 'Aishah (Radhi Allahu Anhuma) in combining between the two Hadiths.

And Allah is the Giver of success.

Ash-Shaykh Ibn Baz (Rahimahullah)

Reference: Fatawa Islamiyah Volume 4 Pages 281-282

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The Person resides in Makkah, if he wants to perform Umrah
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