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 The Meaning of “Ar-Rafth, Al-Fusuq and Al-Jidal” during Hajj

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The Meaning of “Ar-Rafth, Al-Fusuq and Al-Jidal” during Hajj Empty
PostSubject: The Meaning of “Ar-Rafth, Al-Fusuq and Al-Jidal” during Hajj   The Meaning of “Ar-Rafth, Al-Fusuq and Al-Jidal” during Hajj EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 12:05 pm

As Salamu Alaikum


"The Hajj is during well-known months (Shawwal, Thul-Qa'dah and the first 10 days of Thul-Hijjah), so whoever intends to perform Hajj therein (by assuming Ihram), then he should not have sexual relations (with his wife), nor commit sin, nor argue unjustly during the Hajj. (Surah Al-Baqarah 2: 197)

O honorable Shaykh, what is meant by the words 'Ar-Rafth', 'AI-Fusuq' and 'Al-Jidal' that are prohibited? Does the person invalidate his Hajj who argues or gets too involved with trivial matters during Hajj?


The people of knowledge have explained the term 'Ar-Rafth' as sexual intercourse and whatever leads to it. They have explained the term 'Al-Fusuq' as meaning acts of disobedience (i.e., sins). In reference to 'Al-Jidal', they have explained it as arguing and disputing without any benefit or concerning that which Allah has clarified and explained to His servants, therefore there is no need for arguing about it. The arguing that has been prohibited includes all arguments that annoy the Hajj pilgrims and harm them or that disturb the peace. It also includes arguments that are intended to call to falsehood or hinder the truth. However, arguing in a way that is best to clarify the truth and nullify falsehood is legislated and it is not included in the prohibited form of arguing.

All of these three things do not nullify the Hajj, except for sexual intercourse if it occurs before the first stage of removing the Ihram. However, all of these things lessen Hajj and its reward. just as they lesson the faith and weaken it.

Therefore, it is obligatory on the Hajj pilgrim and the person performing Umrah to avoid this, due to obedience to Allah and a desire perfect his Hajj and Umrah.

Shaikh Ibn Baz (Rahimahullah)

Reference: Fatawa Islamiyah Volume 4 Pages 39-40

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The Meaning of “Ar-Rafth, Al-Fusuq and Al-Jidal” during Hajj
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