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 Assuming Ihram with a Child

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Assuming Ihram with a Child Empty
PostSubject: Assuming Ihram with a Child   Assuming Ihram with a Child EmptySat Sep 25, 2010 12:04 pm

As Salamu Alaikum


If a child is unable to perform the Tawaf by himself, is it correct to carry him and perform Tawaf with him'? Does the child have to make expiation if he does not fulfill something from the conditions of Hajj?


Since it is correct for the child to assume Ihram, the guardian is responsible for him. Thus, he makes the child wear the garments (of Ihram) and he makes sure he enters into the state of Ihram. He also makes the intention for him of the type of Hajj he is going to perform and he says the Talbiyyah on behalf of him. He should hold the child's hand during the Tawaf and the Say, and if the child is unable (to walk), like an infant or a breast-feeding child, then there is no harm in carrying him, In the case of a small child, it is sufficient to perform one Tawaf (i.e., 7 trips around the Ka'bah) for the carrier and the one being carried according to the correct opinion. If the child does something forbidden due to ignorance, like wearing some clothing (forbidden to the Hajj pilgrim) or covering his head, there is no ransom (of slaughtering a sheep) due, as it was done unintentionally. If the act was done intentionally, like a need to wear some clothing due to cold weather and similar things, then his guardian gives the ransom (of slaughtering a sheep) on his behalf.

Shaikh Ibn Jibreen (Rahimahullah)

Reference: Fatawa Islamiyah Volume 4 Page 43

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Assuming Ihram with a Child
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