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 The Ruling on Opening Projects by the Cutting of a Ribbon

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PostSubject: The Ruling on Opening Projects by the Cutting of a Ribbon   Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:32 pm

As Salamu Alaikum


When doing expeditions, or opening projects, some people are accustomed to putting ribbons which are then cut at the time of celebration and some Muslims precede this by saying Bismillah (in the Name of Allah) and ask for blessings from Allah towards the success of the project. Is this custom connected to some old customs of the Muslims or is it simply an imitation (of non-Muslims)? And are there similar cases in the Islamic traditions in which Islamic openings are marked by cutting tape?


I know of no basis of this custom, nor any benefit from it, nor is it from the actions of the Muslims of the past. It is nothing more than an imitation of the non-Muslim countries. All that is known in Islam is Istikharah in one’s affairs before undertaking them and asking for blessings, much good and prosperity from Allah the Most High in the success of that project and good fortune therein.

After that, one should be true and sincere in his work, and treat both the relative and stranger in an equal manner. He should stay clear of cheating, injustice and fraud, acting (instead) with honesty, fulfilling one’s obligations, thereby hoping to achieve reward from Allah, the Most High and to benefit the Muslims. He is to perform the obligations which Allah, the Almighty, the Majestic enjoined upon him; acts of worship, deeds which bring him closer to Allah and abandoning forbidden deeds. When he does all this, he will achieve increase and success and he will become well known among the people for this, and they will wish to work with him, and he will achieve ample profit and benefit and Allah is the Granter of success.

Shaikh Ibn Jibreen

Reference: Fatawa Islamiyah Volume 1 Pages 267-268

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The Ruling on Opening Projects by the Cutting of a Ribbon
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