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PostSubject: ~*~ TRANSLITERATION KEY ~*~   ~*~ TRANSLITERATION KEY ~*~ EmptyMon Apr 13, 2009 10:20 pm

As-salaamu alaikum


أ = 'a, 'e, 'i, 'u,

ب = b

ت = t

ث = th sounds like the 'th' in the word 'through' or 'truth'

ج = j sounds more like the french 'j' as in 'je m'appele'

ح = H no equivalent english sound

خ = kh no equivalent english sound - but sounds like the 'ch' in the scottish word 'loch' as in the name of a famous Scottish lake - 'Loch Ness'

د = d

ذ = dh sounds like the 'th' in the word 'those' or 'there'

ر = r

ز = z

س = s

ش = sh

ص = S no equivalent english sound

ض = Dh no equivalent english sound

ط = T no equivalent english sound

ظ = Th no equivalent english sound

ع =
3a, 3e, 3i, 3u no equivalent english sound

غ = gh no equivalent english sound

ف = f

ق = q no equivalent english sound but sounds like a 'k' from deep in the throat ( try swallowing then allow the air to escape from your throat as you breathe out to get an idea of where the sound comes from)

ك = k

ل = l (L)

م = m

ن = n

ه = h

و = w

ي = y

ء hamza or glottal stop '

ة = h or t (when followed by a vowel)


Hadeeth 1: Actions are but by Intentions

WaSalaamu alaikum,
Aisha Om-AbdulRahman.

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