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 02 nd january 2010: Goodmayes -London UK - 2 day course, Believers in the Quran

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PostSubject: 02 nd january 2010: Goodmayes -London UK - 2 day course, Believers in the Quran   Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:56 am

Assalamou aleikoum wa rahmatoullah wa barakatou

please visit for more UK events.

Believers in the Quran - 2 day course (S Hasan & Others)

Date: Saturday 2 January 2010


Exclusive course to be held at Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre on
Saturday 2nd January & Sunday 3rd January 2010. From 1pm till 7pm
An opportunity to learn and improve yourself!!

Speakers include: Sh. Suhaib Hasan; Ustadh Abdul Aleem Alomgir Ali, Asif Uddin (MRDF), Farid Haibatain, Dr Abu Ibrahim

Venue: Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre
833-835 High Road
Goodmayes IG3 8TD

has frequently mentioned in the Qur’an that He is pleased with those
who believe and do good deeds and will reward them enormously. Who are
the Believers whom the Qur’an praises and promises great rewards and
what are their characteristics? We are told that the Qur’an is a “Guide
to the God-fearing” and that Paradise (Jannah) is “prepared for the
God-fearing”. Who are the God-fearing people (Muttaqeen) and what
attributes do they have? Who are the ‘Servants of the Most-Merciful’?
What is so special about the Advice of Luqman to his son?

This course is run in partnership with the 'British Academy of Quranic Studies'.

this course, we will explore the above questions and through the Qur’an
find out some of the attributes and characteristics of the true
Believers who are successful in this world and in the Hereafter. We
will examine in detail, with cross-references to other parts of the
Qur’an, five selected portions of the Qur’an where we are provided with
lists of the characteristics of the Successful Believers. The passages
of the Qur’an that will be analysed in detail are:

1. The God-Fearing People (2:1-5)
2. The 10 Commandments (17:23-39)l
3. The Successful Believers (23:1-11)
4. Servants of the Merciful (25:63-77)
5. Luqman's Advice to his Son (31:12-19)

Speakers include:

Sh. Suhaib Hasan
in India but brought up and educated in Pakistan. After completing
Islamic and Arabic studies (Fadil Arabic, 1960) and English language
studies (B.A 1962), he joined the newly set-up Islamic University at
Madinah, Saudi Arabia, for higher studies in the faculty of Sharia.
Here he studied under a galaxy of prominent scholars such as Sheikh
Abdul Aziz bin Baz, Muhammad Amin al-Shanqiti, Muhammad Nasiruddin
al-Albani and later his father Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Hasan. In 1976, he
moved to London where he engaged in Islamic Dawa especially through the
forum of al-Qur'an Society. Currently he is the chairman of Masjid
& Madrasah al-Tawhid Tust and Secretary of the Islamic Sharia
Council of UK. He also presents on Islam Channel a series explaining
al-Qur'an as well as delivering lectures at seminars and conferences.

Ustadh Abdul 'Aleem Alomgir Ali
Alomgir has studied Arabic language in Cairo (Egypt) whereby he
completed the study of Al Kitaabul Asaasi, Al Aajaroomiyyah, Mulhatul
I'rab, Nahw al Mussafa, Al Fiyyah of Ibn Maalik and other texts in
various sciences such as Fiqh, Tajweed, etc. The Ustadh also holds a BA
in Arabic and English language. He is also a teacher at the Tayibuun

Farid Haibatain
Farid Haibatan graduated in
Electronic Systems Engineering and holds a bachelors in Engineering
(B.eng) from the University of Essex. After graduation Farid spent a
number of years at the Islamic University in Madinah where he studied
the Arabic Language and other religious sciences. Since his return from
Madina, Farid has been involved in Islamic da'wah and has for many
years taught the Arabic language and Islamic Studies. Farid has also
translated Arabic books into the English Language some of which have
become household names within the Muslim community such as
Fortification of the Muslim through Remembrance and Supplication (Hisn

Asif Uddin
Asif Uddin was born and raised in the
UK and graduated in Business and Information Technology from the
University of North London. He further pursued a Masters in Information
System at Brunel University. He has been involved in the dawah from the
time he was at university. Asif spent some time studying Islamic
science in Mauritania, Egypt and Qatar. He gives weekly circles on
aqeedah and tafseer.

Dr. Abu Ibrahim
Dr.Abu Ibrahim was born and raised in the UK. He is also a qualified medical practioner.

Abdullah Muhammad
Hafiz of the Qur'an and has a M.A. in Islamic Studies with a
distinction from SOAS (1999). He is the Director of the British Academy
of Qur'anic Studies through which he delivered the "Journey Through the
Qur'an Course" last Ramadan.

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02 nd january 2010: Goodmayes -London UK - 2 day course, Believers in the Quran
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